Email Discount Vouchers

Modified on Mon, 16 May 2022 at 11:09 AM

Vouchers sent out in our email program are valid for 1 day and will expire at midnight unless otherwise stated on the email or voucher.

Click anywhere in the email to open an Eden window that you can use to log-in and browse. Once the subtotal reaches the voucher threshold, it will automatically be applied to your basket. 

Any exempt items will state “No additional discounts will apply to this item at the checkout” on their product page.

Voucher offers cannot be used in combination with other discounts. If you are eligible for “Church Leader” or other discounts, our checkout will always use your highest available discount when calculating the final cost of your order.  

Promotional Discount Vouchers cannot be used to pay for the following items: Email Gift Certificates & Eden Gift Cards

Vouchers have a redemption value of £0.00001 may choose to cancel & refund orders where the conditions of use have been broken and will confirm this by email. A voucher may also be removed or adjusted during a refund if the remaining order no longer matches the original conditions.